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Feb. 3rd, 2011 01:42 am
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I finally watched the end of Season 3 tonight and found the case to be fairly interesting.... not sure it was one of their more interesting ones but it was still not to bad but the main issue I want to talk about was Cal and Emily's coversation at the end.

You know Emily asking Cal if he loves Gillian and he told he does love her - I have a slight problem with believing that and sadly it's because of this season. Why you ask? Well mainly because of how he treated Gillian for a good chunk of Season 3 which was not as his equal partner in the business they built together much less like someone he has called his best friend in the past. There was more than one moment this last season he had absolutely no respect for her or that was the way he acted at least.

Now had he declared that yes he loves her back when she was married or in Season 2 I would've believed him without hesitation because I know especially back in the day of Season 1 she was his best friend and he loved her as such because he had enough respect to treat her like the equal she is to him (although he was still a jerk to a few times in Season 1 - their public conversation in Depraved Heart, anyone?) But still even in those few moments he was a jerk you knew how deeply he cared about her, could take her being hurt whether it was that sadistic copycat killer in Blinded doing it or even her husband Alec.... he just could not take her being her or the thought of he being hurt.

Sighs, it's sad but I'm not sure I'll watch LtM if it somehow is renewed because in order for me to fall back in love with this show they need to go back to a Season 1 format with the cases and with the characters. Not that I'm saying they should act completely as they did in those days but I'd love them to act closer to the way they did then. Shoot I'll even tolerate Loker's annoying radical honesty if they'd bring back the show I loved!


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