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Nov. 4th, 2010 12:44 pm
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Start from the bottom and work your way up!

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I'm not sure my site is going to cooperate and allow people to sign up directly so I am opening this post for everyone to sign up by posting their email adresses here.


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Yes I watched this episode before watching the rest of Victory of the Daleks and Spoilers for Episode 504 THE TIME OF ANGELS )
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There are so many characters I'd love to spend the day with but I think in the end I'd choose the Doctor (from Doctor Who) and as which version of him I'd choose it'd either be the 4th or his 10th self. I'd really be torn as to which I'd choose and not sure I could pick between those two versions of him.

Oh and if given a chance I'd want to meet all versions of him except his 6th self for sure and possibly his 11th (don't know 11 well enough yet to say one way or another).

ETA: And you know a Sunday afternoon with the Doctor could last forever given he is a Time Lord and has a working TARDIS (oh ooooo I'd love to "meet" the TARDIS as much as I'd love to meet the Doctor) or time machine for those of you who may not watch Doctor Who!

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I do not like River Song as she's irritating and smug, etc.!

You will not convince me to start liking her by saying we saw the end of her story with the Doctor and how she's like other companions in that she has confidence instead of smugness after knowing the Doctor. I see it as pure smugness PERIOD not confidence or any other way knowing the Doctor changes people.

You will not convince me to like her by insulting Rose or Sarah Jane or Martha or any other of the Doctor's companions by saying their confidence could be seen as smugness after knowing the Doctor.

I don't like her and if you do okay I won't try convincing you otherwise so please stop trying to convince me that I should her, okay?
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I am making a farewell video for David Tennant/Ten and although I am mostly doing it to help me in the process of saying goodbye to the Doctor who has claimed a spot all his own in my heart I want to ask if there's a clip or two you'd like to see in this video? I have every episode available all the way to EoT Part 2 (although not EoT itself) - just let me know, k?

This video might take awhile for me to finish because as I was preparing the vid's first clip I found it HARD to watch. *sighs* It's a testament to how much David Tennant won us over because I think most of us in the Who fandom are in mourning today!


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